Karaoke Machines

Karaoke Players, Machines, and Systems

Shopping for a karaoke machine can be very complicated. And adding to the confusion is the sheer number of karaoke players that are out there to choose from. Plus, they can cost anywhere from less than $50 to many thousands of dollars. Should you get something simple that hooks up to your own TV, or should you spend more for an all-in-one system that includes everything? And what about the features? Which features do you need when buying a system?

What is a Karaoke System?

First off, let’s break things down for you. A karaoke system includes the karaoke player itself along with a monitor (which can be your television set), speakers, microphone, and a library of songs. The player is what actually plays the songs. The monitor or TV is where the words to the songs will appear. And the microphone and speakers are for, well, you know what they’re for.

Karaoke Machine

The music comes in several forms. Old units can play cassette tapes, but the newer versions can play songs from CDs, DVDs, CDGs, MP3s, laptops, mobile phones, or even built-into-the-system songs. Some systems will display the lyrics with a solid-colored background, but if you want the background to be moving, scenic backgrounds or videos, you’ll probably be using DVDs. So be sure you get a machine and music that is appropriate. Before you buy anything, make sure you’re going to buy a karaoke machine that accepts the type of music you want to use. CDGs are basically CDs that have the music and the lyrics, but also include graphics (the G in CDG stands for graphics).

You can also find software that can remove the vocals from your MP3s, making the soundtracks you already own usable in certain systems. Karaoke players that come with built-in music libraries are great, but they may not include all the songs you want to sing along with. So pay particular attention with the songs that may come with the system.

Features of Karaoke Players

There are many features that have been developed for use with karaoke systems. The purpose of most of these features is to make the singer sound better. And who wouldn’t want that? Some features include having the ability to change the pitch of the song, the key it’s in, the speed or tempo, tone, and the volume. Some machines also have other effects such as adding echo or reverb.

If you want to sing by yourself, the system you buy may only need one mic input. But if you want to sing duos, then you’ll need to buy a machine that has two mic inputs. However, if features like reverb, volume, or pitch changing are important to you, you’ll probably want to get a machine that allows you to change these features on each individual microphone separately.

Practice Singing With This Feature

One really nice feature is included in some machines, the ability to turn the vocals on or off. If you’re trying to learn a song it can be very helpful to sing along with the recorded vocals. Then, once you think you’ve mastered the song, you can turn off the vocals and sing it all by yourself. Now that you know everything there is to know about karaoke machines (ha ha), it’s time to get out there and show the world how much talent you have. Once you’ve mastered the art of singing, you will then be ready for the whole enchilada, which is singing along to a live karaoke band. There’s nothing else like it.