Karaoke Tips

Making Your Karaoke Show Fun for Everyone

If we’re being perfectly honest with ourselves, everyone dreams of stepping on to the stage and belting out their favorite tunes as the large, raucous crowd goes wild with enthusiasm. In real life, only a select few ever get to show their stuff on stage in front of paying, adoring fans, but with the invention of the karaoke machine anyone can become a star, at least for a few minutes. And even when you don’t have as much natural talent as some, you can still have just as much fun.

So exactly what do you need to create a successful karaoke show? It’s very simple really. All you need is a karaoke system and a bunch of talented, or even untalented, singers who are looking for a good time. Oh yeah, it also helps if you have someone who can run the karaoke player. Once you’ve got those ingredients, making a show as good as it can be depends on the performers and audience members.

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Don’t Make Fun of the Singers

The first thing you need to remember is to be nice. I know it should go without saying, but making fun of singers, or booing them while they’re on stage, will not only make people feel bad, but it’ll make the entire event seem less fun for everyone. Also, you’ll want to make sure you have good equipment. The main thing about the equipment is that you don’t want it to break down. There are not too many moving parts, just a player and a monitor, and probably a microphone, and as long as they’re working you’re in good shape. But if something breaks down, or if the person running the machine is not too bright, you may be in for a very dull party.

Sometimes, one singer after the other will want to sing slow songs, which can lead to lowered energy levels with the audience. Make sure you have the ability to put a high-energy song into the karaoke machine if you see the party’s energy starting to decrease. Keeping things energetic is important for everyone in attendance. A  good dance song that’ll get people on their feet dancing is what you’re looking for here. Along the same lines, you’ll want to make sure there aren’t too many heavy metal songs in play. Heavy songs can drag down a crowd, so be ready to put in an old, classic, high energy hit that everyone is familiar with.

Group Songs Can Get Everyone Involved

Some people just won’t want to get up and sing in front of a large crowd, and will stay in their seats all night long. But it’s important to include everyone. Everyone wants to sing, but some are just too scared to get up on stage. So how can you get these introverts onto the stage, having as much fun as everyone else? It’s simple. Include a group song now and then so that people who are too afraid to get up there by themselves will have the nerve to get up with a group. In a group, they can sing quieter so they won’t get noticed as much and won’t feel like they’re in a fish bowl without everyone staring at only them.

Last but not least, when it’s time for you to take the stage, try to put on a song that you think the crowd would like. For example, if it’s a crowd that likes the newest pop tunes, don’t get up there and sing a slow country classic. Sing something they want to hear. By obeying a few simple rules, you can pull off an extraordinary karaoke party that’ll everyone will enjoy.