Live Band Karaoke

Karaoke Live Bands

If you’re looking for the ultimate amount of fun singing karaoke, you’ve simply got to try it with a live karaoke band. Hiring a full karaoke live band can be expensive, and if you’ve got money to burn, why not? But most of us count our pennies, so it’s not possible to book a live band for your own pleasure. However, if you’re planning a bigger event that requires good entertainment, such as a corporate event, and you have the budget for it, hiring a karaoke band (also known as a “Rockaoke” or “Bandeoke”) is the way to go. And they really can be pretty cheap for what you get.

Man Wearing Red Hat Sings Karaoke

Fronting a live band, with you as the star, can be a very thrilling experience. It’s a whole lot more exciting than singing to tracks on a karaoke machine. The crowd will be more engaged, and they will cheer louder for you, making you feel like Bruno Mars at one of his concerts. Well, almost.

Whether you sing karaoke with a live band or with a karaoke player, they are pretty much the same, except for the excitement level of course. The only difference, and it’s a big difference, is that the band plays the music instead of a machine. Everything else – the microphones, the speakers, the monitor displaying the words – are identical. The only difference is that you and the crowd will really get into it a lot more.

One fun thing that you can do at these corporate functions, to make it even more fun, is to use costumes. Some karaoke bands will bring costumes, allowing you to dress up anyway you like. Singing a song with a special hat, or a long silky scarf, or neon-colored clothes, can add to the moment, but also give the singer props they can use to liven up their performance. You can also include special effects (hence the term Fun FX Karaoke) like video screens.

Singing Karaoke in Costume

It’s hard to forget the words to a song when they’re being displayed to the singer in the monitor, but I guess it is possible. However, when you’re backed by a karaoke rock band, and the crowd is going wild, it can mess with a person’s mind, causing them to forget the words. Fortunately, live musicians can sing along with you, helping you along in places that may be hard for you. All in all, a live karaoke band is nothing but fun. It allows people to let off some steam and feel what it’s like for the pop stars when they’re in concert. And if you’re too scared to get up there all by yourself, just get a group to go up all at the same time. You won’t feel so self conscious when others are doing their best to hog the spotlight.